The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead.

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An independent Private School registered to offer education from Grade R to Grade 12. Established in 2019, registered by the Gauteng Education Department, Registration Number 700401027, and follows the CAPS curriculum with the aim of providing quality and holistic basic education at affordable prices.

We are a full-time primary and high school. The primary school starts from grade R-7, while the high school starts from grade 8-12. The high quality but lowest fee private school is located at the heart of Alberton, Gauteng Province, South Africa. Though it’s just in its second year of establishment, SPA is becoming a force to reckon in the community – raising the bar higher in academics.

Our Vision : To build value-centered, all-rounded global youth who are skilled to take on the world with compassion, integrity and intelligence.

Our Mission : Help our students become global citizens through instilling holistic human values, practical and responsible use of technology and co-curricular involvement.

Core values

Integrity: We value integrity above all and educate children to become responsible citizens of the world.

God Fearing: Nurturing the attribute of love by unselfishly caring for the needs of others Development with compassionate and sensitive hearts.

Discipline & Respect: Upholding and instilling of holistic human values in our young people, with compassionate and sensitive hearts.

Excellence and Accountability: Foster responsible students with highest academic standards and great analytical minds.


Nurturing the future generation
GDE Reg : 700401027

We intend for all our students to become global citizens through establishing a carefully planned environment that involves integrating the responsible use of technology and other modern methods.