Southampton Private Academy

SPA Explained

We ensure that everyone achieves more than they ever thought possible

Premised on understanding and caring fully for each individual through outstanding relationships for learning as well as working in partnership with parents, we ensure maximum academic success for all through excellent teaching and learning.

The SPA framework allows children to be children, letting them realize their potential, by making provisions for opportunities where teachers link pedagogy with their life at home and the interaction in the classroom with their experience with nature.

SPA is a co-educational private school with an emphasis on the holistic development of children. We ensure that a child’s attitude to explore is never inhibited and every opportunity is provided to help them learn, explore and soar, helping to establish themselves as true global citizens of tomorrow.

The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.

Why Southampton Private Academy?

SPA was conceived as an educational institution with an edge. Our policies are the real champion of our beliefs. Through our small classes and intensive high quality lesson delivery, we strive to expose our students to a stimulating and learning experience.

We believe that a teacher should play the role of a facilitator, not just a disseminator of textbook knowledge. Our teachers are highly qualified with a minimum qualification of Diploma in Education for Foundation Phase and Bachelor’s in Education for Intermediate Phase and above.

Not only are we setting the precedence for high academic performance in the area, we bit all other institutions in being the lowest fee private school.

Through our interactive and engaging classrooms, we ensure that children are active.

Here’s what sets us apart as active participants rather than passive listeners.

Our integrated learning approach is an activity based learning process where experimentation, self-discovery, high level of engagement and hands-on experience are given priority.

All learners attend compulsory computer literacy classes which teach them basic end user computer skills such as typing, MS Word, Excel, Power point and Internet surfing from grade 1-12

Educational Institution

Term Days Special Days
Term One 20th January - 26th March 19th March Human Rights Day
Term Two 13th April - 25th June 18th June Youth Day
Term Three 13th July - 23rd September 23rd September Heritage Day
Term Four 5th October - 8th December 4th December Prize Giving & Gr - R Graduation

Integrated Learning Approach

Key Academic Drivers

  • We create a Safe, motivating, and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning, positive self-esteem and understanding.
  • Recruit professionally proficient and passionate educators.
  • Provide resources and opportunities that enhance learning.
  • Recognize and respect the multicultural and international diversity of our school community.
  • Implement a well-researched and thoughtful school curriculum (CAPS) with high quality lesson delivery, which promotes creativity, curiosity, determination, independence, self-reliance, adaptability, and teamwork.
  • Provide an integrated teaching and learning approach with emphasis on experimentation, self-discovery, high level of engagement, hands-on experience, and thorough exam preparation.
  • Create a stimulating learning environment that builds eager and active learners and nurtures their thinking, analyzing, and learning capabilities.